Online Shops & E-Commerce


Take your ecommerce experience to the next level by tracking customer behavior throughout the customer journey and lifecycle. Integrate shipping, direct mail, create loyalty programs, and more.

Innovative Shopping Experience

E-commerce innovation is achieved by knowing your customer better than anyone else. What keeps them up at night? What problems do they have that remain unresolved? We can help you innovate your ecommerce experience to better meet your customers’ needs and expectations.
Persona and customer journey mapping shows you how to deliver a winning experience beyond your product and service.
Tools, guides, education, chatbots, contests, gamified experiences – all are additional ways to elevate your brand beyond traditional shopping experiences. About personalized customer communications to improve engagement.


Digital Roadmap

Innovation Workshop

Customer Journey Map

Improve Shopping Cart Conversions


There is perhaps no other area of user experience where small changes can have such a profound impact on your bottom line. You need to know where your customers leave the shopping experience, why they do and how to get them back. A process to continuously optimize the end point of the sales funnel is critical to improving your revenue.
We’ll help you use embedded analytics to track the shopping cart fulfillment pipeline, as well as automated communications and timeline incentives to get customers to complete purchases.


Integration of Measuring Cookies

Marketing automation strategy

Marketing automation emails/communications

Increase Repeat Sales


The ultimate business wisdom: selling to an existing customer is much easier than selling to a new one. Given the static cost of acquiring new customers, increasing customer lifetime value is the easiest way to increase your revenue. Moreover, converting casual customers into repeat customers and even brand advocates will lead to a snowball effect in your business.
The focus here is on embedded analytics to understand user purchase history and behavior to make relevant cross-sell and up-sell recommendations.
We also use intelligent targeting here across all channels (re-marketing) to drive users back to the website with tailored and personalized offers.


Remarketing Implementation

Upsell and Cross-Sell Configuration